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A simple yet effective plain white pattern made in Steelite International’s strong and highly durable ceramic body. The range offers a large choice of options to enhance any food service presentation.

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Simplicity Butter Block

Simplicity Butter Block£5.00

Simplicity Chinese Bowl

Simplicity Chinese Bowl£5.50

Simplicity Coffeehouse Mug

Simplicity Coffeehouse Mug£6.00

Simplicity Combi-Cup

Simplicity Combi-Cup£5.50

Simplicity Combi-Tray

Simplicity Combi-Tray£10.50

Simplicity Cream Tot

Simplicity Cream Tot£3.50

Simplicity Double Well Slimline Saucer

Simplicity Double Well Slimline Saucer£5.00

Simplicity Double Well Small Saucer

Simplicity Double Well Small Saucer£2.50

Simplicity Egg Cup, Footless

Simplicity Egg Cup, Footless£3.00

Simplicity Grand Café

Simplicity Grand Café£4.00  -  £5.00

Simplicity Grand Café, Large

Simplicity Grand Café, Large£5.50

Simplicity Harmony Jug

Simplicity Harmony Jug£7.00  -  £8.00

Simplicity Harmony Jug,Unhandled

Simplicity Harmony Jug,Unhandled£5.00

Simplicity Harmony mint boat

Simplicity Harmony mint boat£8.50

Simplicity Harmony Pepper

Simplicity Harmony Pepper£6.50

Simplicity Harmony Plate

Simplicity Harmony Plate£4.00  -  £6.50

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Compare Selected        Show All Products

Page 1 of 3:    33 Items