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LiV is all about how we live our lives today. City life is fast-paced, time challenged and busy, yet we still crave the “new” and are ever hungry for fresh and invigorating experiences. Continually fresh ideas and innovation promote an ever-changing approach to new combinations of tastes, textures and presentation. LiV is edgy, fun, casual but creative and encourages a streetwise approach to food presentation, whilst being super-easy to use in space constrained and busy environments.

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LiV Beverage Pot

LiV Beverage Pot£16.00  -  £18.00

LiV Covered Sugar

LiV Covered Sugar£19.00

LiV Cup

LiV Cup£3.75  -  £5.75

LiV Cup, Espresso

LiV Cup, Espresso£3.00

LiV Cup, Small

LiV Cup, Small£3.50

LiV Jug

LiV Jug£7.00  -  £8.00

LiV Jug, unhandled

LiV Jug, unhandled£5.00

LiV Saucer

LiV Saucer£3.00

LiV Saucer, Double Well

LiV Saucer, Double Well£3.50

LiV Saucer, Single Well

LiV Saucer, Single Well£3.50

LiV Saucer, Small

LiV Saucer, Small£2.50

LiV Stackable Bowl

LiV Stackable Bowl£4.50  -  £8.50

LiV Stackable Mug

LiV Stackable Mug£4.50  -  £5.50

LiV Stackable Mug, Espresso

LiV Stackable Mug, Espresso£3.50

LiV Stackable Mug, Large

LiV Stackable Mug, Large£6.50

LiV Stackable Mug, Small

LiV Stackable Mug, Small£4.00

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Page 1 of 1:    16 Items